My own Z and Zm activities

Station “Bergün” in 1:220 (front)
Station “Bergün” in 1:220 (front)

Presently I am producing a large installation of narrow gage Z of SBB in my own house. Additionally – as tidbit – I integrated a 13 m long Zm route of the RhB and Bernina. At this route the originally reproduced stations “Wiesen” und “Alp-Grüm” with corresponding track guiding are located. For me personally the reproduction of buildings of the rhetic railway as well as of the Bernina railway are special high lights. Condition for a good reproduction are first class photos of the buildings. For reproducing the station “Bergrün” at the route Albula (a requirement of the team Stuttgart) Mr. Jens Wimmel provided me with the correspondent first class photos, for which I thank him very much indeed at this place.

Station "Bergün", rail side
Station “Bergün”, rail side

As the Zm railway is such a great pleasure for me, I am prepared to mounting professionally finished models of Freudenreich car construction sets for Zm freaks, to paint them as per original and to equip them with the corresponding inscriptions, if a freak of model railway does not dare to mount the Freudenreich car construction set himself.