The following list of Zm models includes commercially produced, as well as half-commercial, rebuilt and self-built models.
Availability is individually stated.

Universal locomotive Ge 4/4 II

120The collaboration with the former co-worker Mr. H. didn’t work out for the Ge 4/4 I in red. Instead I agreed cooporation with Freudenwerk Feinwerktechnik from Sanitz at the Intermodellbau Dortmund 2009 to start the Ge 4/4 II in a small series of 20 pieces. Construction of this locomotive has been partially finished, we expect to deliver this beautiful piece of art in 2009.

Model ready to run
incl. VAT # € 750,00

Universal locomotive Ge 4/4 I (green)

This model is outsold.

Electric locomotive Ge 6/6 I

24 of these models were produced. 20 of them were delivered. One model can still be purchased, further production will not happen.

Not available Model R-T-R
incl. VAT # € 1.000,00

Oldtimer-E-Lok GE 4/6







I bought the design of the Ge 4/6 from Freudenreich. From the material I took over, I can produce four models.
– Sold out –

Steam locomotive G 4/5

This model does not contain a drive. It should only serve as an exhibition piece. Unfortunately, the previous manufacterer of this product, Mr. H. From Rostock, has not been in contact… unfortunately.

New glacier express car

Will be produced in a small series of 32 pieces. There is still one complete train (5 carriages including a restaurant carriage) available.

Available Price per carriage
incl. VAT #129 / € 160,00

Oldtimer electric locomotive Ge 2/4

This model has been sold out.

Bernina motor car

I won’t continue this project with Mr. H. Instead, Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik agreed to produce this car in small series, which will cover all orders that have been made.

Bernina car 3rd class

Old timer model, fits to rail car of the Bernina.

Not available
incl. VAT #105 / € 160,00

Platform car of the RhB

107 Model construction by Zm modeller group Stuttgart. Will only produced upon request.

Not available
incl. VAT #106 / € 175,00

Passenger car of the RhB

126 Series B 2129 and B 2166 green/beige. Can be received from me as complete models.

Not available
incl. VAT #107 / € 175,00

View wagon of the Bernina

Was build in a small series of 21 pieces. Outsold. If there are enough orders, I will produce another series.

Not available Model R-T-R
incl. VAT #107 / € 160,00

Glacier-Express car






Four-axle passenger car of the legendary Glacier-Express 1st and 2nd class EW IV, also included: Rail company car of the RhB. Models R-T-R are available from me.
Also, I produce the turn car of the RhB (used on the rail track St-Moritz-Scoul-Tarasp) in a small series. The amount of work required for this model (inlay doors) requires to deliver the complete model.

Available Model R-T-R EW II
incl. VAT #108 II / € 175,00
Available Model R-T-R EW IV
incl. VAT #108 IV / € 150,00
Available Fitting train service car
incl. VAT #108-BDW / € 160,00

Baggage car D2

Baggage car D2 of the RhB, green, Epoche III. Model R-T-R available from me.

Not available
incl. VAT #110 / € 160,00

Baggage car D2 red

Baggage car D2 of the RhB in red, Epoche IV/V.
Available from me as model R-T-R.

Not available
incl. VAT #111 / € 160,00

Cable car of the RhB


As model R-T-R available from me.

Not available
incl. VAT #116 / € 160,00