Tracks and switches in 4.5 mm

Tracks and switches in 4.5 mmThe company Jürgen Haubrich Modellbau offers a complete Zm track system by Rhb example.
This concerns straight and bended tracks as well as switches left and right. This track system consists of CNC modeled sleepers with code 40 profiles.

Signs of the RhB

Signs of the RhBSigns of the RhB are offered by Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik as kit as well as model R-T-R:


  • Advance Signal 2x yellow/2x green
  • Main Signal green/red
  • Main Signal green/yellow/red
  • Kits 1 signal of your choice
Main signal
red / green
incl. VAT #1 / € 31,00
Main signal,
red / green / yellow
incl. VAT #2 / € 34,00
Main signal,
green / red / green
incl. VAT #3 / € 34,00
Pre-signal LED
yellow / green
incl. VAT #4 / € 36,00
Main with pre signal
(6 LED)
incl. VAT #5 / € 90,00
Main with pre signal
( 7 LED)
incl. VAT #6 / € 100,00

Swiss Operating Crossbuck Signals

Swiss Operating Crossbuck SignalsSet includes two signals ready to install with LEDs as well as an electronic print board with alternating flasher and instructions. This unit needs to be powered by 10 volts AC accessories terminals of your Marklin power pack. This item was designed by Mr. Freudenreich but is available from me only.

Available complete set
incl. VAT #2002 / € 80,00